VIII Edition. Summer Workshop. 100 hours

Rhino 3D, Parametric Design with Grasshopper and Digital Fabrication

This workshop is aimed to learn 3d modeling with Rhino and parametric design with Grasshopper, getting physical results with the construction of a parametric prototype as final exercise using digital fabrication tools.

This edition will be in hybrid format: PART I will be with live on-line sessions. PART II (optional) can be followed on-line or on-site



PART I (online) -  To be confirmed.

PART II, optional (Onsite or Online) - To be confirmed 

General timetable of the sessions: Monday to Friday, 4 -8 pm (Madrid CEST)

Course Code:: SUMMER 


Who is it for  > Professionals or students in design, architecture, art, engineering, interior architecture...or field related in creative processes.

Requirements  > Computer with good internet connection, camera, micro. Rhinoceros software; much better with Windows system.

Materials  > Materials, equipments and tools needed for making the prototype are included in the course tuition.

Training hours  > 72 hours (Part I) and 28 hours (Part II). It is possible to do the full course or just Part I

Certificate  It will be provided a certificate by Authorised Rhino Training Center and Rhino FabStudio Official

Instruction Language >  Español o Inglés (si algún inscrito no hablara español)

A high level of English is not necessary; the teachers speak Spanish and can make specific clarifications.

Minimum number of students: 8

Maximum number of students Part II: 12


The course is organized in an intensive way so any student without previous knowledge in 3D modeling or Rhino, may get a solid base for going into parametric design. For that, we use Grasshopper, a free graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, Grasshopper requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring. It is used at most famous architecture offices like Zaha Hadid or Norman Foster, as engineering teams as the one of Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), one of the most technological advanced buildings in the world.

Last week, the work is more intensive to learn the different advantages of using digital fabrication systems.

Students not only learn how to 3D model, but also will implement various strategies to obtain structures of complex models, analyze, calculate, interact with the physical environment etc. with the chance of manufacture different models with CNC technology, like cutting laser, milling machine and 3D printers. The final goal is to create, design and 3D model a cool object, prototype or sculpture using Rhino and Grasshopper and make it real with the digital machines we have.

Basic prototyping materials are included in the course fee.


The course is divide in two parts with different units along 4 weeks:

PART I (on-line)

  1. UNIT 1: 3D MODELING with RHINOCEROS / 24 hours


PART II, optional (On-site / On-line)


Guest instructors last editions:

– Giancarlo di Marcoauthor of the book for modeling in Rhino "Simplified Complexity". Simplified Complexity .

– Alessio Erioli, Co-de-iTPhD Engineer and Senior Researcher ar Universitá di Bologna

Some of the pictures are from full on-site editions; we will adapt the digital fabrication week to the hybrid format.


  • PARTE I (On-line) – 995 euros. 
  • FULL COURSE - 1500 euros  

In order to guarantee a spot in the full course, it is also possible to make a first deposit of 500 euro and pay the rest of the fee in a maximum period of 30 days. Please check the registration pdf.

How to register

>   Bank transfer. Please, click above on "How to register" button for detailed information 

>   Credit - Debit Card (Secure e-commerce platform Redsys & Stripe).


Is previous knowledge in Rhino or Grasshopper required?

No. We ask for some very basic knowledge in geometry and 2D - CAD softwares like Autocad. If you do do not have it and want to join the course, we will provide you with some documentation so you could work on your own prior the course starts.

Are sessions recorded?

Sessions are live. To follow the course properly, you should attend. However, if it is not possible due to your time zone or job/study schedule, we will record the sessions, available only until the end of each week

Can I enrol in PART I first, and enroll in PART II later on?

Yes, if there are spots available. You would need to pay the difference of the PART I and the full registration fees, currently shown at the web page.

Can I participate in PART II On-site for next edition?

We do recommend to make the full course together in order to finish your training. (remember PART II is possible to do it On-line too).

Usually, On-site training is full and limited spots are available.


Looking for accommodation?

Upon registration, we will provide information regarding accommodation, best areas to stay... Also, we have an agreement with a local company specialized in helping you to find a place to stay

Do you need a visa?

It should not be a problem as the length of the course is just one month. However, for Non-EU citizens we do strongly recommend to contact the Spanish Embassy and start as soon as possible the paperwork. It may take time depending on each country. We had students from Argentina, Canada, United States, Guatemala, Australia, Tunisia, Russia, Chile, France, Brazil, Latvia, Portugal, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Phillipines, China, Kuwait, Iran, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India, Singapur, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Spain.

Problems with travel restrictions

In case of Force Majeur situations (i.e. it is not allowed to leave your country or go to Spain, like Covid-19 situation), it has to be proven with an official website, document or paper that justifies the reason.

In that case, Controlmad will give you access to lectures and exercises on-line and check the digital fabrication process with a feedback of the results, including assembling. Besides, the objects may be manufactured with that files on your nearest FabLab (not part of the course fee)

More questions?

Contact us for more info by telephone at (+34) 91 539 33 66 If you need it, we could set up a phone call on Skype (@controlmadfablab) or Zoom, or send a email to formacion@controlmad.com .