controlmad advanced design center

Controlmad advanced design center is a FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) for advanced architecture, engineering and design. Our working process is characterized by CNC technology (Computer Numerical Control), which allows making architectural components -interior and exterior ones- of furniture, models... regardless its complexity from CAD files without intermediaries, saving costs and with a high accuracy level.

We are an Authorized Training Center and Official Rhino FabLab. We offer workshops about this software (Rhino3d) and Grasshopper, for parametric and computational design.

Our team counts on authorized trainers and qualified professionals with teaching experience at university level.

Founded at early 2011, controlmad tries to answer the changing environment, leaving the static concept of an architecture office and taking Anglo-Saxon concepts such as “Know-How” and “Learning-by-doing”, where is put into practice formal and theoretical research; implemented by the energy and creative spirit of workshops performed at our headquarters.

controlmad staff

Diego García Cuevas CEO - Socio Fundador | Responsable de Proyectos

Diego García Cuevas

CEO - Founding Partner | Projects Manager
- Architect. University of Valladolid. Master Biogital Architecture (International University of Catalonia)
- Professor at ETS Architecture of Universidad Europea of Madrid
- Guest professor at UIC Barcelona, UDLA Ecuador, IaaC, School of Architecture Universiy of Valladolid, La Coruña and San Pablo CEU Madrid.
- He has been associated professor at University King Juan Carlos, Madrid. (Bachelor in Design)
- Authorized Rhino Instructor

Sergio Alonso del Campo

CEO - Founding Partner | Training Manager
- Architect. University of Valladolid. Master Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions (UPC Barcelona + University of Padova)
- Associated Professor, School of Architecture, UPV Valencia.
- Guest professor at UIC Barcelona, UDLA Ecuador, IaaC, School of Architecture Universiy of Valladolid, La Coruña. Sassari (Italy), National University of Philippines and San Pablo CEU Madrid
- He has been professor at School of Architecture and Design at University of Valladolid, University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid and Universidad Europea Valencia.
- Authorized Rhino Instructor


David Serrano

David Serrano

REVIT-BIM Instructor
Architect. University of Alicante Revit Autodesk Certified Professional Professor at Arquitecture and Computer Laboratory (EPSA), University of Alicante

Francisco Pérez

Francisco Pérez

PYTHON Instructor
Doctor y Profesor titular la Escuela de Ingeniería Naval. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Aman Agrawal Formador en Grasshopper

Aman Agrawal

Grasshopper Instructor
Industrial and Computational Designer, Creative Mutations Master Product Design (IED Madrid) He has won or been finalist at well known design competitions: Porsche, Samsonite, Bruni Glass Award...

Also have collaborated

Aitor Jaurrieta, Daniel Crisóstomo, Ana Prieto, Laura García Ardura, Jesús Villegas, Jessica Martín, Mario Sevillano, Miriam Garayo, Marta Ortega Aizpún, Jesús Feijó, Belén García Zurro, Tesa de Miguel, Germán Colomar, Alejandro López, Jose Antonio Camacho, Rachael Verdugo, Diego Alonso, Mariano Levi.