Restaurante Doki Doki

Doki Doki Restaurant

Client: Doki Doki Restaurant, Madrid (C/Villalar 4)

Designed and produced by controlmad

Material: pine plywood

The Japanese Restaurant Doki, designed, manufactured and assembled by controlmad, gives answer to every creative process, to direct factors and other ones underlying as sediments of imagination, with the functional exactitude required by a space of this kind. Thus, the central column lies on the natural search of meta-readings, such as linking wood grain of plywood with typical textures of fish used in Japanese cuisine.

The result is a fluid space that connects the three rooms in a continuous way, generating harmonious areas of multiple nature.

More connotations might be come from Dali’s dream world, Gaudi’s organic forms and classic sources of Japanese literature, art and esthetics: haiku pieces, patina, shadows and intrinsic beauty of raw material

On the other hand, to react and synchronize with celerity of 21st Century has been possible thanks to vital importance of parametric design 3D software, tightly linked with digital fabrication tools, which allow total and accurate control of final design.