Estantería Bookksss

Bookksss Shelf

Designed and produced by controlmad

Material: natural MDF

Bookksss is a type of sculptural shelving tailored to the client. Fits any space because it is created specifically for that space. Our shelves are sculptural objects of great beauty with its single presence star any space. Every shelf is unique and three-dimensional model used in its manufacture will not be reused for another, so that there is no equal in the world. There are four basic variants to choose from and they can be combined as many ways as possible.

Some models of the Bookksss shelf (click on the last image to see an example)

> CORNER - Ideal for capturing those “dead corners”. If you have a pillar in the middle, it will be embedded in the shelf.

> LINEAR - For any wall where you want to maximize space. If you have a protruding pillar, it will be embedded in the shelf. See a real sample

> ROOF - This model is fixed to the ceiling. Apart from the considerable aesthetic function, greatly increase the acoustic scattering from any location.

> EXEMPT - It can be place in any size wall, even with double height.