In-Company Training and Consulting

Workshops for your employees, projects or personal advising

We make custom training for your company or business. Or in case you need specific consulting or schedule for a project we can give you a proper solution.ver localización) o en la ubicación que proponga el cliente.

The trying could be here in Madrid or at your business place. FUNDAE, antigua  Fundación Tripartita para la Formación en el empleo.

Please contact us for more information +34 915 393 366 or viva email to

Below, you may find some examples for clients using 3D tools to develop their projects:


  • Design development of motorcycle helmets with A-Class surfaces, studying continuity influence from sketches by the designers of the company
    • 3D modeling and milling CNC works from original music instrument 2D drafting.


      • Parametric design of metal trusses and roof panels of variable dimensions, as required by client's project. 2D development for digital fabrication process. Location: Shopping Center in Valencia, Spain.
        • Train infrastructure: Precast concrete pieces for tunnel design, with different curvature radius.


          • Variable geometry patterns for chair design applied to prototyping, CNC milling 3D printing.


          2D and 3D modelling from a scaled model made by the artist. Making of digital files for steel cutting (CNC waterjet), considering the welding system, and assemble instructions documents. Work: "La esencia de lo Visible”.  Artista, Candela Muniozguren