Python para Rhino y Grasshopper 16 HORAS

Python para Rhino y Grasshopper 15 HORAS

On-line live sessions!

Parametric Design with the most popular plug-in for programming and scripting.

Week-end intensive course. Introduction to Python environment to go beyond with Rhino and Grasshopper.

NEXT COURSE: Spring 2023

Dates: Email us to and we will let you know when we put the new dates.

If these dates do not fit you, you can check this pre-recorded course HERE

Timetable Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3,30 - 8,30 pm (Madrid CET)

Place: On-line live sessions, using our platform

 There, you can access to the live sessions with Zoom, download files and program.

Course code Python


Level  > Basic 

Instruction Language > English (basic). The instructor speaks Spanish

Who is it for  > Aimed to professionals or students in engineering, architecture, design and backgrounds related

Requirements  > Just your Rhino and Zoom app. We will give you access through our on-line platform

Minimum number of students: 5

Maximum number of student: 12

(*) ¿Is it required any previous knowledge in Python?

No knowledge in Python or programming language is necessary. We do recommend some basic knowledge in Rhino and Grasshopper.


What is Python?

Python is a modern programming language. Python is sometimes called a scripting language or a glue language. This means python is used often to run a series of commands as a script or used to create links between two other technologies as a glue. It is easier to learn and use than other non-scripting style, compiled languages like C#, VB, or C/C++. Yet it is quite powerful.

You may need Python if you want to automate repetitive task in Rhino much faster, perform tasks that you do not have access to in the standard Rhino or Grasshopper tools, generate geometry using algorithms, etc.*

*More info HERE


- To get familiar with programming using Rhino.Python, its tools and standard strategies.
- To understand curves and surfaces definitions created, which are the based for complex objects generation.
- Create 2D and 3D parametric objects using surfaces with Rhino.Pyhton scripts.
- Python components in Grasshopper.


- Program interface and syntax: Scripts generation and modules.
- Basic concepts and strategies for programming using algorithms.
- Lists, sequences and maths functions
- Loops and conditions
- NURBS curves
- Surfaces definitions
- Python for Grasshopper.


Individual registration

195 euros  

170 euros, inscripción temprana.


Enrollment and spot reservation is only made once the student registers and pays the course (please click on the button below)

How to register

>   Cash in our office (only by appointment)

>   Bank transfer. Please select this option in the payment process or click above the button “How to register” for detailed information

>   Credit - Debit Card (Secure e-commerce platform Redsys & Stripe).


  • Is it necessary previous knowledge in Rhino or Grasshopper?

We recommend basic background in Rhino and Grasshopper- Check our intro pre-recorded courses HERE

  • Are sessions recorded?

Sessions are live. Due to time difference or particular situations we will RECORD the sessions, but they are available only during the next 24 hours in order to follow the course pace.

  • How can I access the sessions?

Some days before the course starts, you will access to the course platform. There you can download documentation, files, go to the Zoom sessions and comment or ask questions using the panel discussions. The recorded sessions will be available there too.

  • And Mac users?

Grasshopper is almost the same in Mac and Windows, so it will not be a problem.

  • More questions?

Contact us for more info by telephone at +34 91 539 33 66 , Whatsapp +34 674 254 635 or email us at If you need it, we could set up a virtual meeting for your convenience.