Architectural and study models

Depending on the level of detail your project requires, we can produce architectural models highly detailed, as well as study or conceptual models.

Architectural Models

We can produce models or part of them for architectural projects. Starting at digital files and using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology, we can make models of buildings, interiors, furniture ... in different scales. We can also produce 3D topographical models from contour lines, polygon meshes or surfaces.

If you are interested in make a model or a part of a model, please send us an email to Any reference to another model may be useful for us to quote your project.

Study Models

Production of study models study, with complex volumes but very inexpensive materials. Study models are known as conceptual models because it does not require a high level of detail. This kind of models provide a concept as nearly as possible to reality. They are mainly used in 3D design training with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.

These are some examples of some Study models we have performed in controlmad.

Please contact us to study your project. You can send an email to