Digital Fabrication

Our CNC Technology (Computer Numerical Control) allows to obtain parts directly from the 3D model, accurately.

CNC and 3D milling service for companies and individuals

We have a 3-axis CNC cutting-milling machine (computer numerical control, which has a maximum size of 2500 x 1300 mm and a maximum height of 200 mm, with a cutting accuracy of +/- 35 microns.

If the size of your project would exceed these measures, we can subdivide the work in different parts and then put them together, glue them...

Nos involucramos en cada proyecto, de forma versátil, desde las etapas de creación digital y diseño hasta la fabricación del producto, en función de las necesidades del cliente sin tener que pasar por otros agentes intermediarios con los subsiguientes factores de ahorro económico y tiempo.

For 2D milling, if possible, please indicate those elements which are only engraving, external or internal milling (for example, include on a different layer the total perimeter cutting of the piece and another layer with holes or perforations if any). For 3D milling, we would need a 3D modeling in a digital file.


Clients can provide their own materials or if they prefer it, we can include it through our suppliers. These are the types of materials that we can work with our CNC milling machine:

  • • Solid wood, plywood, medium density fibreboard (MDF), chipboard, slatted wood…
  • • Plastics and foams, acetates, PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyurethane…
  • • Composites: Fiberglass, Alucobond or Larsson plate...…
  • • Aluminium (engraving and cutting up to 4mm)

We also offer assembly or completion services if necessary. We have partnership agreements with professional coaters, varnishers and woodworkers.

Please contact us to study your project. You can send an email to